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All the wildflowers have been photographed in their natural settings by David Coppin. No flowers were cut for photographic purposes. All wildflower images are printed and personally inspected by David.
Images are printed on long-life fine art or glossy paper.
Texas wildflower bouquet

  Wildflower Bouquets are composed of some of Texas' most familiar and beautiful wildflowers, as well as some not so familiar.
  Texas bluebonnet, always a favorite, blooms from April to May in splashes of blue which appear as pools of water at a distance.
  Indian paintbrush, a red-orange bloom, blankets many acres from March to May.
  Another native familiar in appearance, although maybe not by name, is the coreopsis, a yellow flower with a red-brown center. In a good year, masses of coreopsis will bloom from May to June.
  The large bluish-purple bluebell gentian is not a cultivar
in the wild, but a truly beautiful wildflower that blooms from June to August.
  An east Texas native, purple coneflower is a reddish-purple daisy-like perennial that blooms May to September.
  A daisy-like flower, Indian blanket, covers meadows from May to June with red, yellow-tipped flowers. This abundant wildflower is the state flower of Oklahoma.
  All wildflowers were photographed in their natural settings and digitally placed into a bouquet of lasting beauty.

Texas vervain, sulfur butterfly, purple coneflower

Remember that colors may vary from screen to screen.

Purple Coneflower, Slender Vervain & Sulfur Butterfly